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Phoenix Skydiving Academy

Established in 2012 we are working to create young skydivers in India, who are really keen to participate in skydiving competitions in world Platform.

people who are really keen to do something in their life for adventure sport like skydiving can join us in our camps to know their ability to be in the team.

This Academy needs people who are ready to work hard, to get medals in skydiving sport at International Level. you will find lots of skydiving associations around in India, who are doing skydiving camps for fun!!!

Phoenix skydiving academy means total professionalism in the sport of skydiving Here no time for fun, old people said if you want to achieve something in your life you have to be focused on your goal, and you should have will to achieve the goal in all conditions.

So Friends if you find your self in these criteria please do contact us ... we are in search of such people.